CocoaBits is the OS X division of bitart Consulting. At CocoaBits we have a passion for OS X and Cocoa!

Below are our currently available applications and utilities. Click on the icons to go to the program's page. Thank you for visiting CocoaBits!


TmCodeBrowser is a TextMate plugin designed to help navigating source files. It will parse any language known to the underlying Exuberant Ctags program (enhanced by a small script to also support Objective-C). It will present classes, subroutines etc. in a TreeView. Clicking on any entry will jump to the corresponding location in the source code.

Version: 1.11 • Compatbility: OS X 10.3.9 • License: Donation


KeyBindingsEditor is a GUI-based editor for OS X key bindings. It allows for easy editing and supports single-action bindings (one action per keystroke), multi-action bindings (multiple actions for a keystroke) and Emacs meta binding-style multi-keystroke bindings.

Version: 1.00 • Compatbility: OS X 10.4 • License: Donation
CocoaBits is a division of bitart