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TmCodeBrowser is a TextMate plugin designed to help navigating source files. It will parse any language known to the underlying Exuberant Ctags program (enhanced by a small script to also support Objective-C). It will present classes, subroutines etc. in a TreeView. Clicking on any entry will jump to the corresponding location in the source code.

TmCodeBrowser requires OS X 10.3.9 or later and TextMate v1.1b17 REVISION 687 or later.

Manual, Screenshots

The online manual with screenshots is available here.

Download and Installation

Click on the icon below to download TmCodeBrowser.dmg. Depending on your system settings the package will either unpack itself, or you may have to double-click the downloaded file. After unpacking there will be a TmCodeBrowser.tmplugin bundle. To install it simply double-click it, and TextMate will install it for you.

Note: After updating the TmCodeBrowser plugin you need to restart TextMate for the plugin to work properly.
Tip: In case you ever want to delete the TmCodeBrowser plugin: TextMate installs tmplugin files into the directory ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns. To delete a plugin quit TextMate and use the Finder to delete the desired plugin.
Note: Versions of TextMate prior to REVISION 702 will not properly register the TmCodeBrowser.tmplugin bundle, and it may show as a normal folder. In that case, simply drag that folder onto TextMate's application icon in the Dock and textmate will install it.
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TmCodeBrowser is free for personal use. If however you use it frequently or if you would like to support development of quality OS X software, please consider a donation. Start by clicking on the button below. Payment is handled via PayPal, no PayPal account needed and no registration required. Or better yet, if you know of any contract work for an individual who knows the Appkit inside and out (NeXT/OPENSTEP/OS X developer since 1989) please contact me!

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TmCodeBrowser is a product by CocoaBits, a division of bitart